floridacentral Credit Union

floridacentral Credit Union was established in 1958. It was called Tampa Central Credit Union and served as the credit union for other credit unions, since regulations then stated that board members and managers were not allowed to belong to the credit union in which they served. After that regulation was eliminated, Tampa Central Credit Union expanded its "field of membership" by introducing Select Employee Groups (SEGs), which allowed employees of specific companies to utilize the benefits of credit union membership.

Shortly after, Tampa Central Credit Union branched out to Orlando and changed its name to Florida Central Credit Union. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Florida Central Credit Union petitioned the state of Florida for a community charter in order to serve Hillsborough and other surrounding counties and allowing anyone who lives or works in those counties to join the credit union...

They continued to grow throughout the years. Technically they are still a credit union with more locations and have similar services and benefits as a bank with lower rates. We revamped their look and feel with a new branding campaign which included making Florida Central Credit Union into floridacentral Credit Union...the credit union you can bank on. We also made branch renovations to old and new locations.

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